Structure your UITableView better with structs and enums in Swift

In this post, I present a technique I use a lot when building a UITableViewController in Swift, but which I haven't seen used by many other people very often.


This technique was inspired by this years's edition of the legendary Stanford CS193p on iTunes U (presented by the just as legendary Paul Hegarty) : iTunes U - Developing iOS 8 apps with Swift, and by this M2M site which for years now has specialized on giving unofficial solutions to the assignments (I suppose that Stanford students have a chance of having their work corrected, but there is no "official" solution to the assignments for the iTunes U followers). In this course, the 4th assignment dealt specifically with table views. Namely, one of the requirements was:
While you might be tempted to deal with this with large if-then or switch statements in your UITableViewDataSource and navigation methods, a cleaner approach would

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