Scales calculator

Scales and modes made easy

Are you learning music theory and got somewhat confused about scales and modes?
Are you tired of painfully calculating all the notes and chords for a given mode?
And restart it again every time you change keys?
Are you always playing in the same key because you're not sure of the right chords in another key?
Introducing ... the Scales Calculator!
The Scales Calculator allows you to visualize in a glance the notes and chords for any mode, in any key.
This is the ideal tool to put into practice your musical theory skills, and expand your musical horizons.
Privacy statement: even if this is not the case presently, this app may collect anonymized data for analytics purposes (Google Analytics) or for debugging purposes (Crashlytics). We won't use advertisement tracking or location data, and we won't collect any personal information.

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ZEN BabyBook: política de privacidade

Nossa política de privacidade é simples: nós não recolhemos quaisquer dados sobre os usuários deste aplicativo. Este aplicativo foi desenvolvido inicialmente para permitir que nossos filhos pudessem aprender outras línguas. Nós pensamos que as crianças devem aprender em um ambiente seguro, sem que ninguém tire vantagem disso. Esperamos sinceramente que este aplicativo permita que você e seus filhos se divertam enquanto aprendem!

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ZEN BabyBook: privacy policy

Our privacy policy is simple : we do not and will never collect any data about the users of this app. This application has been designed initially for our own children to learn other languages. We think that children should be able to learn in a safe environment, without anyone trying to take benefit from it. We sincerely hope that this app will let you and your children have fun while learning!

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ZEN BabyBook : politique de confidentialité

Notre politique de confidentialité est simple: nous ne recueillons pas et ne recueillerons jamais d'informations sur les utilisateurs de cette application. Cette application a été conçue initialement pour permettre à nos propres enfants d'apprendre d'autres langues. Nous pensons que les enfants doivent pouvoir apprendre dans un environnement sûr, sans que personne n'essaye d'en tirer avantage. Nous espérons sincèrement que cette application vous permettra, à vous et vos enfants, de vous amuser tout en apprenant !

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